Residents can trust Jennifer Rhoads to stand up to developers who lack the zoning, but propose hundreds of apartments that exacerbate the chronic problem of overcrowding in our schools while generating no income tax. Jennifer Rhoads supports responsible growth such as mixed-use offices, parks and retail without additional housing at UMCH. Jennifer understands the city has already added hundreds of apartments in the past decade at Worthington Mall, near Linworth and in other areas. Just because developers can make money building apartments does not necessarily mean it is good for the city. Jennifer supports thoughtful development of offices, parks and retail at UMCH.


For more than 65 years, Worthington Pools has been our only outdoor community pool. Sadly, our city has allowed this important asset to decline gradually over time. Now, the facility is on the brink of financial collapse, in part due to lack of investment from the school district and city council. We can save our pool, but only if we have a city council that takes action. Clearly, our current council lacks the leadership capacity to get the job done. They have done little to nothing in the four years since the state offered one million dollars. Now that money is in jeopardy. Jennifer Rhoads will fight to ensure this project gets done and the state money isn’t lost. She will work to ensure future generations can enjoy this important community gathering space.


Thieves stealing from homeowners cars. Burglaries in the neighborhood. Local businesses with shattered front doors and money stolen from cash registers. We need to do something before this pattern of crime gets worse. Jennifer Rhoads will support providing our police department the resources to help stem the issues our community is facing with crime.